Celebrating European Researchers’ Night in Scotland and Sweden!

 27th November 2020 Online

Today we were part of the European Researchers’ Night of Edinburgh (UK) and Umeå (Sweden).  We started with our Research around the world session for schools in Scotland as part of Explorathon 2020 where we discussed about differences and similarities of being a researcher in different parts of the world.

We then participated at the ForskarFredag of Umeå organised by Curiosum.  Our colleague Bibek Aryal, who is based in Sweden, led the session and showcased videos of students in Nepal performing science experiments from home and talking about the effects of climate change in their everyday lives.

A big thanks to the stars of the show: Yuhish Maharjan, Abi Acharya and John Maharjan from West Wing School (Lubhu, Nepal) and Suprina Adhikari, Arbin Maharjan and Anshika Thapa from Sungabha English School (Thaiba, Nepal) for all the work they put on their amazing and inspiring videos!

Yuhish Maharjan
Abi Acharya
John Maharjan
Suprina Adhikari, Arbin Maharjan and Anshika Thapa

Climate Change and its Impact in Nepal – Video by: Suprina Adhikari, Arbin Maharjan and Anshika Thapa

Can we burn a candle underwater? – Video by: Yuhish Maharjan

Is hot water less dense than cold water? – Video by John Maharjan

Can you separate the different pigments that make a colour using paper? – Video by Abi Acharya