Gamification Tools In Learning and Education

 April 2021 Ongoing

As games become a bigger part of present culture, the potential they have to transform students’ experiences grows. Today’s schools face major problems around student motivation and engagement.

Gamification, or the incorporation of game elements into non-game settings, generate a great opportunity to experiment with rules, emotions, and social roles leading to increased motivation in the classroom, or during a learning process. Games provide complex systems of rules for players to explore through active experimentation and discovery. They guide players through the process and keep them engaged with potentially difficult tasks, while providing multiple routes to success and allowing

These techniques, applied to schools or other educational centres, can transform the learning experience.

Sonia Suarez, our training specialist, is an expert in education, communication skills and the design and development of gamification training. Please get in touch if you would like Sonia to run a workshop in your educational center.