Climate change

Find below several pupil-led environmental science experiments that you can do with your class to assess the causes and effects of climate change in your area.

Please get in touch with us ( if you need any help, if you have any suggestions or if you would like us to run our workshop in your school/educational centre.

These experiments were designed as part of our Connecting the Climate Challenge project (funded by the British Council).


Air Quality Analyses

These experiments are to assess air quality in your area: 1) using lichens as bio-indicators, 2) using data available from your country’s stations, 3) examining the number and size of particles in the air.

1. Air quality assessment using lichens as bio-indicators: Lichen bio-indicator survey and data record sheet

Based on the Opal Survey (Imperial College London) 

2. Air quality index: Experiment

3. Air quality assessment to examine particulate matter using microscopes: Experiment and data record sheet


Water Quality Analyses

These experiments are to assess water quality: 1) using temperature and pH and 2) studying water particles and microorganisms present in water bodies.

1. Water quality assessment to examine temperature and pH: Experiment and data record sheet

2. Water quality assessment to examine water particles and microorganisms: Experiment and data record sheet


Litter Analysis

This analysis is to assess the levels of litter in your area.

1. Assessment of litter levels: Assessment and data record sheet


Weather Analysis

The weather station and rain gauge are used to study temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 and rain levels throughout the years, which will help you assess changes in whether patterns in your area.

1. Analysis of temperature, Pressure, humidity, CO2 and rain levels: Weather station and Rain Gauge experiment and data record sheet


Bio-diversity Analysis

This experiment is to assess environmental and bio-diversity changes in your area during the last few decades.

1. Analysis of biodiversity and data record sheet


Bird Houses

This workshop is to build bird houses re-using materials.



How can you create an eco-committee? 

This is a guide with ideas to help you set up/establish an eco-committee.