IBM CIC Code The Future – Nepal 2024

IBM CIC Code The Future – Nepal 2024

This year we held the second edition of the IBM CIC Code The Future – Nepal, hosted by Mount View English Boarding School (Balkot, Nepal) and which we organised in collaboration with IBM.

For two-weeks, students learned the basics of web development through tools like html and css and created their own websites. Participants had to program and design a creative interactive platform for our biggest project, Connecting the Climate Challenge, with the following requirements : 1) develop an interactive digital hub to unite eco-committees across all the partner schools, 2) the platform should encourage collaboration, resource-sharing and engagement among members, 3) connect, inspire and empower eco-committees while inviting wider participation and interaction from the entire school community, 4) foster a dynamic space where eco-conscious ideas thrive and initiatives flourish.


During the last day of the coding camp, participants confidently presented their final products in front of a panel of judges. Participants were evaluated taking into consideration four main points: innovation, user experience, presentation and collaboration. Different ideas from all the websites will be used to create the Connecting the Climate Challenge platform during the next few months with a selection of interested students from the coding camp.

It has been a fantastic edition in which the participants have developed magnificent skills and ideas.

Thank you to Mount View English Boarding school for hosting and IBM for funding!

See you all next year!