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We are a team of research scientists with strong science communication skills that work with Nepalese schools and communities by delivering workshops in order to develop a culture of engaging with science

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Education is a right and a collective responsibility that should always be prioritised in all societies. To celebrate the International Day of Education 2023 we launched our first newsletter, which we will prepare 3 times a year and where you will find a summary of all our educational projects.
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Our projects

Celebrating European Researchers’ Night in Scotland and Sweden!

Research Around the World: Midlothian Science Festival 2020

First Online Interaction Researcher-Students

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Women in STEM: series II

Due to the great success of our Women in STEM series at the end of last year, here we are with our new series of talks! Coinciding with the International...

Women in STEM series of talks

Our first Women in STEM series of talks is here! We will have four online talks where women in STEM at different stages of their careers will be talking about...